— Direct trade specialties of the Americas

NOR is a brand of direct trade specialties of the Americas: Premium quality, fairly priced, and with a declared commitment to transparency and sustainability, aiming to promote the socio-economic growth of local farming communities. With production relationships stretching across Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Bolivia, the product range centres around coffee and cocoa, offered as roasted beans, cold brew coffee, and chocolate.

Rooted in the utilitarian aesthetic of standard industrial packaging, the brand identity celebrates an honest and functional visual language, free of decoration and veneer. Made by and for people who care about the specifics, information about origin, quality, and refinement is presented front and centre, further reflecting the ideology behind the business.


Creative direction
Brand identity
Packaging design
Design guidelines


Red Dot Design Award, Winner
Creative Circle Award, Silver x2

Here is a selection of projects we're really proud of:

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