Folkekirken Vesterbro

— A unifying identity for seven churches in the heart of Copenhagen

Folkekirken Vesterbro is the largest parish of the Danish National Church, comprising seven different churches in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district. Serving a large and diverse congregation, activities range from traditional church functions to drag concerts, drop-in weddings, meditation ceremonies, philosophical salons as well as social work and sheltering for the marginalised.

Equal parts everyday and holy day, the identity strikes a balance between two sides of Folkekirken Vesterbro – simultaneously common and uncommon, grounded and elevated. Rather than taking centre stage, the design serves as a framework, bringing forward the messages and content of each church – allowing them to speak in their own voice, while providing a unifying identity system for the parish as a whole. At the same time, the visual language offers clarity and calmness in response to the visual overload of the bustling Vesterbro.

Through a subtle typographic modification, the cross is embedded into every written message, making the universal symbol of Christianity omnipresent, from wordmarks and signage to posters, websites, and social media.


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Selected projects:

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