Dyrenes Beskyttelse

— Renewing the legacy of Animal Protection Denmark

Since 1875, Dyrenes Beskyttelse has worked to help animals in need, and promote a balanced and respectful relationship between animals, humans, and nature. We have worked with Dyrenes Beskyttelse to renew the organisation’s visual identity, updating the design for today’s needs and ensuring strong visual communication across media and platforms.

The visual identity strikes a balance between a time-honoured society founded on soft values – and a modern and professional NGO, influencing lawmakers, industry standards, and public opinion. Introducing a redesigned emblem and wordmark, the identity represents two sides of Dyrenes Beskyttelse: While the emblem embodies the history and values, the wordmark serves as the official logo, representing the corporate organisation.

“The collaboration with Re-public has created renewed respect and visibility for the work of Dyrenes Beskyttelse, both internally and externally. The revitalisation has managed to link past and present together in a single visual narrative, maintaining respect for our legacy and DNA, and generating newfound pride in wearing our logo and emblem.” — Britta Riis, CEO, Dyrenes Beskyttelse


Brand consulting
Brand architecture
Visual identity
Design implementation
Design guidelines


Creative Circle Award, Bronze

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