— From paper to screen

DBA is Denmark’s leading peer-to-peer marketplace and online commerce platform, with thousands of second-hand items as well as new products put up for sale daily. Originally founded as Den Blå Avis, DBA has grown well beyond the traditional classified ads in print, and now operates as a purely digital platform. To prepare DBA for the transformation from paper to screen, and move the brand forward into a new digital-only era, we helped carry out a full redesign of the visual identity and set a new direction for user interface design across apps and platforms.

Balancing approachability with functionality, the identity is developed directly for digital environments, ensuring successful user experience in every pixel and interaction. The logo carries the heritage and essence of the DBA brand, embodying the ongoing exchange within the community, and underscoring the concept of passing things on to find a new use and value.


Brand consulting
Visual Identity
Digital Design
Design Guidelines

Selected projects:

Here is a selection of some of our favourite projects:

1999 IPA

Bøgedal Bryghus

Det Okkulte Danmark

Dyrenes Beskyttelse


Folkekirken Vesterbro

Frie Grønne

Gold-Smidt Assembly




Jonas Liveröd

Jordens Hus

Kopenhagen Fur



Norwegian Type



Skau Reipurth